Subject Re: [firebird-php] Linux server platform
Author masotti
Philippe Makowski ha scritto:
> Lester Caine [09-04-23 09.40] :
>> I need to go back a step and sort out a reliable platform to put LAFP on!
> ...
> First don't misunderstand what the distro are
> Mandriva, Open-Suse, Ubuntu, Fedora are not suitable for server
> they don't have long term support, and they are in fact experimental distro for others one.
Ubuntu has every two years a long time support release (LTS): last one
was (is / will be for a while ) 8.04. Previously were (is/will be) 6.06.
AFAIU, Lester need a light GUI : Ubuntu is Gnome based, Kubuntu is KDE
based (in my Home Quad Core 4Gb a GeForce 8600-512 doesn't help is nice,
but slow as Windows) so I boot XUbuntu, that's XFCE and very light (not
very nice it's not a Mac ;-) , but works).

> For Server, IMHO the only that are reliable are :
> Debian, Ubuntu LTS, Mandriva Enterprise Server (MES), CentOs, RHEL
At work I've a CentOs 4 server, no GUI interface, only remote ssh.
Anyway you can install allmost every basic rpm from distro, Firebird
server rpm, and compile as usual PHP-Firebird interface.
For sure I know that Fedora is a nightmare (allmost for me...)