Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Anyone using phpBB with Firebird?
Author Lester Caine
lee_domain wrote:

Little correction there.
bitweaver has been at production status for a number of years. The copy
running was installed in 2007 ;)

2.5 has added a couple more packages to the general distribution of
which one is the gmap package. Will had 'tidied up' the sequence names
AFTER I'd checked it out for him - he did not realise that while
Firebird does not have SEQUENCE it still does sequences properly. That
has been fixed in 'HEAD' and I'm seeing if we can get it into a 2.5.1
release since the previous R2 releases have always run Firebird from the

The major advantage of bitweaver over it's predecessors is the fact that
you can add packages later, so you select and install only the bits you
want. phpBB WAS used as a forum module up until a year ago, but was
finally dropped simply because it does not have any intention of
supporting a proper email driven interface, so that those of us who do
not have time to scout through a long list of on-line forums can still
be involved exactly like we are here :) Yahoo groups email interface + a
tidier on-line view for those who want it .... and search facility that
is fully site wide ...

bitcommerce ( it gets renamed commerce normally in use but doing that in
CVS would loose a lot of history ) is a package that needs a few more
people using it on Firebird. We had a couple of shops running on it last
year but due to local busi-bodies the site that my daughter and her
partner were trying to recover from 10 years of neglect - is now
neglected again. The locals have complained about the overgrowth for
years - soon as you try to fix that someone else complains about using a
nursery site to grow flowers! Was going to take weeks to prove 'legally'
that it HAD permission to sell from - but because it had been derelict
so long and the original owners were no longer around it had to be
're-approved' at the cost a LOT of money.
I'm waffling - but I did spend a lot of time getting up and running for them. The site is still
live, but only some areas are active. I've left it up so I can play with
it again later, since Damien loaded a LOT of different products. Parts
of the package were modified specifically for 'plants' as has modified it for books ( OK that is running on
postgres but switching to Firebird would not take long - I do keep
hinting to them :) )

Some people just want packages that work out of the box which is fine.
Having lived with bitweaver for 4 years now, I am also using it to
support specialist packages such as which handles
the United Kingdom property information data.

( I must update the demo notes since
that is running on FB2.1.1 now - is ibwebadmin included in CentOS -
Mandriva does have it as standard )

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