Subject Re: Very fast read only transactions
Author jeff_j_dunlap
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> jeff_j_dunlap wrote:
> > Thanks, very interesting. Is ibase_pconnect available for both read
> > and write transactions?
> Yes. ibase_pconnect gives you a database connection (attachment) and
> can start any kind of transaction on it.
> > Also, is ibase_pconnect a container (like an array) of open
> > connections that stay open waiting to serve requests?
> Only internally. From PHP code you just call it with full parameter
> $link = ibase_pconnect('db_path', 'user', 'pass', 'charset'...);
> If there is no connection to that database for that user and password
> and charset (and role), PHP will start a new one. If there is already
> one connection like that in the pool it would reuse it.
> > I'm interested in learning more so that I can create a class for use
> > with the IBPP libray.
> Make sure you serialize all the calls if you use multiple threads on
> web server.
> Although all this seems nice, I have abandoned pconnect in PHP because
> it seemed unstable (this way few years ago, so maybe it is fixed now)
> and local connections with Firebird 2 are really fast.
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Thanks for the info.

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