Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Very fast read only transactions
Author masotti
Hi Milan,

Milan Babuskov ha scritto:
> Although all this seems nice, I have abandoned pconnect in PHP because
> it seemed unstable (this way few years ago, so maybe it is fixed now)
> and local connections with Firebird 2 are really fast.
Do you mean that in PHP you prefer ibase_connect() to a local database?
$resdb = ibase_connect ( '/var/lib/firebird2/pippo.fdb', 'user', 'pass' );
is better than
$resdb = ibase_pconnect ( 'localhost:/var/lib/firebird2/pippo.fdb',
'user', 'pass' );

Local connection is fast from 2.0 (maybe even better now), but how much
can this be faster than an in memory pool?
I wonder whether this means that some sort of pooling is maintained
directly by the server. If this is the case, ok, it's better have it in
the server (or in client) than in the application (or app interface lib,
In my web server, PHP apps use only local connections to few local
(aliased) databases, and I think this is 90% of the PHP application
using Firebird for web: would be the case to put a comment in PHP
manuals in ibase_pconnect and ibase_connect.

As a note aside, AFAIR for fbclient 2.0+ was done a big code reworking
in the area, but a 1.5 server is not suitable for such use.
So, to have such PHP code really working it's needed a Firebird 2.0+
server _with_ at least a Firebird 2.0+ fbclient. This for the
documentation-friendly soul that's in me. :)