Subject Re: Using firebird with php under OSX
Author tomhendersonflickr
> ibase.h
> This is part of the Firebird install, but your current configuration is not
> finding it.
> On checking my Linux installs, I have found that there is a firebird-devel
> package that has all of the 'other' bits to compile firebird, so this is
> probably the case with OSX. On Mandriva all of the stuff I need is supplied
> ready compiled, so I've not had to 'build' anything for a while.

Took a stab in the dark and copied my ibase.h file from /Library/Frameworks/Firebird.framework/Versions/A/Headers to the ~/Desktop/php-
5.2.4/ext/interbase directory and tried to run make again. This time I got a lot less errors:

Feels like I'm getting closer. Any suggestions?