Subject Re: Using firebird with php under OSX
Author tomhendersonflickr
Thank you both for your help on this. I've followed Lester's suggestion and upgraded my php
install to the latest binary from (5.2.4).

--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...> wrote:
> Obviously, Firebird is not installed in /opt/firebird on OS X. I don't
> have any experience with Mac, but the main issue is allowing configure
> script to find libgds and libib_util.

After upgrading php I downloaded the php-5.2.4 source and went through the steps again. I
was able to get the configure command to complete with the following:

$ ./configure --with-

The next step (make) has failed though, with a huge number of warnings and errors. I've
uploaded the output to:

Any suggestions on the next step?