Subject Re: [firebird-php] Using firebird with php under OSX
Author Milan Babuskov
tomhendersonflickr wrote:
> I'm running OSX 10.4.11 on a powerbook (PPC) with the built in apache server, and php
> 4.3.11 ( Release 1), both working fine. I have the Firebird.framework installed
> and the isql command line tool is working fine too.
> I've been trying to follow the instructions at (How to use
> Firebird with PHP) but I'm getting stuck on step 5 (run: ./configure --with-
> interbase=shared,/opt/firebird). I get the error:
> configure: error: libgds or libib_util not found! Check config.log for more information.

Obviously, Firebird is not installed in /opt/firebird on OS X. I don't
have any experience with Mac, but the main issue is allowing configure
script to find libgds and libib_util. A simplest thing to try is to just

./configure --with-interbase=shared

and it will try to pick it up from some system default directories. If
that fails, you might have to give it the exact path. You don't mention
which version of Firebird are you using? but you should check where
libgds could be found (on Linux it's in /opt/firebird/lib, so
/opt/firebird is used on the command line)


Milan Babuskov