Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP5.2.x problems with php_interbase
Author Lester Caine
Gary Benner wrote:
>> still there, and the current fix is apparently to pinch a copy of
>> php_interbase.dll from PHP5.2.1 until someone rolls back the faulty
> code.
> Can anyone drop me a copy of the PHP5.2.1 version of php_interbase.dll
> - I cannot find anywhere to download it.
> Also any update on when this will be sorted in the stable version?

I think it is fixed in 5.2.5?
I'm running it without a problem, but I have to admit I've not actually TESTED
that the BLOB problem is fixed. It WAS in a late RC of 5.2.4 so in theory
5.2.5 is OK ...

OK WINDOWS 5.2.5 is fine

64 bit Linux 5.2.5 STILL has the same problem with BLOB id's :(
The fix for ADOdb sorts my sites out, but it's not the right solution.

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