Subject PHP5.2.x problems with php_interbase
Author Lester Caine
Try again - windows crash while typing last message!

I have been slowly checking everything for a move to Apache 2.2.4 and PHP5.2.3
along with a number of extensions that I have not been able to get working
with PHP5.1.x. Taken most of the day, but I'm almost there - except there is a
major bug in php_interbase :(

ibase_fetch_row() is not returning a blob_id, just a duff string - '0x %i' -
and so any access to blobs is blocked. I had seen a report of a bug in ADOdb
relating to blobs, but it was lacking in information, which I do now have.

I've managed to get ADOdb working again so long as only text blobs are used,
and the IBASE_TEXT flag works with ibase_fetch_row() function, returning the
blob as a text string rather than having to get the blob data later.

I SUSPECT this was broken in the 5.2.0 build as I had a number of problems at
that time which I could not be bothered to work through. I suspect that this
was one of the main ones at that time.

Has anybody else found the problem or have any other input to when this started?

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