Subject Re: Suggestion on PHP Tool
Author Gary Benner
> > We are thinking of developing a web enabled application using
> > & PHP. As we are new to PHP, thinking of using a tool for faster
> > error free dev. Can someone compare between 'Delphi for PHP'
and 'Zend
> > Studio'(we are familiar with Delphi)?

One thing to consider in developing web apps, is that you are not
dealing with PC app as you would develop with Delphi - you are from
scratch developing a distributed application with server code, and
client code. And a layout language as well (HTML/CSS).
have some very good books and articles to help get your thinking right.

Having chosen PHP as the server language, you will need to look at the
DB interface, and there are options: the "ibase" functions, ADODB, and
PDO. We use the "ibase" functions, and have integrated them into our
own framework. (Hint: research using Blobs with PHP )

You will also need to learn Javascript for your client side software,
and come to grips with AJAX, JSON, and a whole lot of other buzz words.
On the client research the 3-layer model (Content, Layout, & Behaviour)

So coming back to the IDE, whatever your goal, you will need to have
effective management of PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a few others.

We use the Eclipse environment (kindly donated to the community by IBM)
with the PHPClipse plugin, plus other plugins for better CSS, JS, and
HTML editing. There is also a PHP debugger plugin.

You can also get Aptana, a dedicated version of Eclipse with all these
things, but their way. And others as well. Amateras etc.

If you want to pay for the tool then Zend yes - they are behind PHP
now, and Aptana too.

In my view, Delphi for PHP tries to use the formula so successful for
PC based applications, in a web world. In it's current incarnation I do
not find it a productivity tool.

Browsers provide a visually floating canvas. So you often need to get
down and dirty with the HTML, CSS, and even DHTML - so much so that I
live there permanently. It's just easier. So for us Eclipse won.