Subject Re: Suggestion on PHP Tool
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 01-Dec-2008 20:58:03, wrote:
> We are thinking of developing a web enabled application using Firebird
> & PHP. As we are new to PHP, thinking of using a tool for faster and
> error free dev. Can someone compare between 'Delphi for PHP' and 'Zend
> Studio'(we are familiar with Delphi)?

Any IDE that you use has to be rugged, reliable and contain all the support
for the language in question. I have been using Zend Studio for years and
years, and love it. I bought Delphi for PHP back in v1 days, and have v2
and I'm still not convinced of its usefulness for PHP development. Nor its
stability and suitability for production code.

PHP really is about tapping into communities of user contributed, open
source code and my take on Delphi for PHP was that it distorts that paradigm
to the point where you have to use the tool to either develop components
that fit within it, or use the components that come with it or are available
through 3rd parties. This completely goes against the overall philosophy of
open source software libraries for PHP, IMHO, which makes it rather
difficult to fit PHP projects into Delphi for PHP.

If others have succeeded in doing this, I'm all ears, but for now I'm
sticking with Zend Studio for my code development. Works great for me.

My $0.02 worth


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