Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Giovanni Premuda
Pierre Joye wrote:
> >
> > 1) It is perfectly safe to mix CRTs, either static or dynamic as long as
> > you follow some simple rules
> It is safe if you are alone and have full control of _everything_
> happening in your app/library, simple rules or not.
No, just as long as the DLL is properly designed, with an interface that
doesn't expose it's memory management.
You will be surprised to find out that most DLLs are designed that way,
as it is quite basic Windows programming knowledge since Windows 2.0
> I wonder how many times I have to repeat that.
Repeating something over and over doesn't make it true.
> It is not like I suddenly decided to compile it myself for the fun of it.
> There is damned good reasons
> behind this choice. Can we move on now please?
No, you simply believe it, but there isn't.
have you ever heard of closed source third party DLLs? Like LeadTools,
Imagegear, TWAIN drivers. Do you think they require you to use a
specific version of VC++? Or that they give you a different version of
the DLL for each version of VC++?
> > Some still like to use Delphi, Free-Pascal and other
> > esoterical langiages that dont start with the letter C...
> Well, if you use a scripting language, it is not your problem anymore
I'm sorry to inform you that there are a lot of COMPILERS for languages
that do not start with C, which include Delphi, Free-pascal, ADA,
MODULA-2, Modula3, Oberon, many Fortrans and Cobols, FORTH, LISP,
Haskell and so on.
You can check on

And, you know, most of them are perfectly able to call DLLs under Windows.
And most of them are perfectly able to compile to a DLL.
Simply put, a properly written DLL doesn't expose it's memory management.
You have to get over this.

> (as long as the scripting language developers do it well, I hope we do :)

Draw your own conclusions.
And I won't ask you how old are you.