Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>> So are you happy using different clients on the same
>> machine as the server is running on and talking to the SAME database?
> Yes.
OK - But I am wondering why nobody has said that on the firebird support list!
Certainly not so long ago the fix for client niggles was to ensure you were
using the same version, but I think that the idea that there could be
different copies of the same version probably got missed? The usual fix was to
ensure that there was only ONE copy of GDS32.dll in the lookup path.

>> Pierre - the outstanding niggle I have is simply the statement that 'You put
>> the right client in with the application'
> The client has to be 'Right' for your application, not for FB server.
> All clients are good to server, but only some clients are good for your
> application.

? - Old clients need to be replaced with a new one if the target server
changes? And in that case every additional application needs updating with the
correct copy of the client - which is why 'personally' I'd prefer to keep to a
single client installation. And if the firebird server version was updated
(FB2.5 is coming), but the PHP client got missed THEN I can see a potential
time bomb?

>> So adding an fbclient.dll to the
>> php install that is specific to that build only works if that version does not
>> then have a problem working in parallel with the version installed directly by
>> the server and accessing the same database in parallel.
> It would not have a problem.
>> on a single
>> machine the Firebird client can bypass TCP/IP using shared memory and it's
>> that bit that concerns me.
> It does bypass TCP but still communicates with server, which in turn
> manages the database file. There is no essential difference: client asks
> for stuff and server does it, just like TCP.

As I have said - my experiences go back into Interbase only times, and there
were a number of distinct 'do not does' but that may well have been sorted in
the meantime. Again - it would be nice if someone would simply say - 'Oh yes
that was sorted in 1.0.x' or when ever. Although I suspect that it was never
formally be investigated since the 'one copy' rule fixed the original problems
and older users never tried running more than one?

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