Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>> but until I get a "Yes - using different versions of the client in parallel on
>> the same machine is perfectly stable"
> It is as stable as using different version of client from different
> machines in parallel.

But different machines are not the problem. I've been stung before with things
going wrong in windows when different versions of the same thing don't play
nicely together. And making sure we have the right 'extras' to go with the
client is also important. So are you happy using different clients on the same
machine as the server is running on and talking to the SAME database? That is
ignoring the additional problem of GDS32.dll being generated from the right
source ( which is the version of client php_interbase currently has to find ).
I would still prefer to manage things via FlameRobin -

Pierre - the outstanding niggle I have is simply the statement that 'You put
the right client in with the application' In the past the rule has been 'Only
have one client installed - delete other copies', and I've not seen any
information to negate that 'normal practice'. So adding an fbclient.dll to the
php install that is specific to that build only works if that version does not
then have a problem working in parallel with the version installed directly by
the server and accessing the same database in parallel. There have been a
number of legacy problems - which may well now have been fixed - when
different access routes caused problems, and while obviously different
machines can only interact via TCP/IP and some other protocols, on a single
machine the Firebird client can bypass TCP/IP using shared memory and it's
that bit that concerns me.

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