Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Lester Caine wrote:
>> fbclient.dll allows local direct access to a server without using TCP/IP and
>> that has to be compatible with the server. While it would be possible to say
>> 'PHP uses TCP/IP access only' the other applications may not have that
>> restriction. It is the much more complex combination of access methods that
>> the client supports that needs someone who understands ALL the knock-on
>> effects have having different versions of the client present?
> although everything you wrote is correct, I fail to see how that changes
> anything on the PHP side. Access path is determined by Firebird client
> library and not PHP. You could happily take php_interbase.dll compiled
> against one FBClient.DLL and replace that DLL with another (say, for
> example, fbembed.dll renamed to be fbclient.dll) and it will work.
> PHP doesn't and shouldn't know anything about it.
Spot on Milan - that is what I've been saying!

It's Pierre who is saying that it is important which compiler version of
fbclient.dll is used with php_interbase.dll and he is saying that the version
of fbclient.dll used with php_interbase.dll has to be built with VC9 unless we
are talking to Apache when it needs to be VC6.

We are probably going back to Interbase client days when WHICH client was used
was more critical, and my normal practice is probably well out of date now,
but until I get a "Yes - using different versions of the client in parallel on
the same machine is perfectly stable" then I'll stick with ensuring that I
have just one copy - which is the correct build the target server? And then I
only have one copy to update if I update the server?

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