Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP Driver status
Author Lester Caine
masotti wrote:
> Hi Lester,
> Lester Caine ha scritto:
>> I've posted a reply there - or at least tried - but it's under moderation, and
>> none of my posts to devel seem to be approved :(
> Try to post here, if there's PHP related arguments. I'll be glad to read
> your opinions about that.
It was only pointing people to the discussion HERE about versions of VC?
Pointing out the next comment ;)

>> Now that we have been pointed to the correct ( I'll resist upper casing that
>> ;) ) place for windows snapshot builds on PHP, things become a little more
>> obvious, but my comments about - does it matter - still apply, since I only
>> use Apache, so i need a VC6 version of PHP :)
> You are not alone: all people developing with Delphi for PHP has same
> problem, because that devlopment system (2.0 Upgrade 1) has integrated
> PHP 5.2.6 and Apache 2.* on windows with DBG 2.15 debugger. And most of
> them are deploying on Linux...
I'm slightly the other way around - most development work is now on Linux (
although with Eclipse it's almost transparent with windows now ) but customers
still insist on windows so we have to test and deploy the right stuff!

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