Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP Driver status
Author masotti
Hi Lester,

Lester Caine ha scritto:
> After checking the windows machine with FB2.1 on I've confirmed that this has
> a VC8 based client, but it works perfectly with all of the legacy stuff and
> with the last PHP5.2.x ( and PHP5.3 with php_interbase ) snapshots that I have.
These are good news, from some POV, but can we say about "works
perfectly"? I'm glad that your apps works perfectly, but, as a serious
system developer, before starting a project, I'd be sure that "my"
application would works perfectly in "my" system.
At the moment I use and will use only Linux as target systems, but use
Windows as development and test system, so I need some degree of
reliability between two OSes worlds: suppose that my development models
(read coding habits) are quite different from yours, what can I say
about target reliability without a "standardized" tests system to check
I've to design a new Web application with two databases that are used
from other two distinct Web apps and from a reporting Delphi
application. I know I'm not running on thin ice, but I scares greenhouse
I've read some errors and some oddities in PHP Firebird/Interbase
documentation so it's matter of try, stress and check

To Peter: how is possible to test a PHP set in Windows without MSVC and
It's a strange situation: Delphi for PHP (and other maybe) releases a
PHP "ready-to-run" (no makefile), and I want to test Interbase/Firebird
(and eventually making other tests I think are missing), but
says only way is to "make test" in windows after *building* PHP. In my
devel machine I don't need and don't want MSVC installed (I need space
for DBs and other things), and don't want other Windows OS wasted.
In seems too simple, but there's
nothing about the script to use to run the test set I only want to.
I think that if you want an help, would be better to simplify (or
explain better): anyway, I can develop and see if works in a base
environment, you can test in all environ which knowledge of, simply, I
cannot afford. But a link to a starting php script is needed.