Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Reformatted
Author masotti
Hi Jay,
try to be more precise, but this is more or less a support question. You
can find a lot of samples searching in firebird-support newsgroup.

is only a better solution than your, but not optimal.
This is a select for a single record, skipping "n" record before.
This has some caveats in multi user environment because:
1) is a nonsense without an ORDER BY on a UNIQUE index.
2) is a nonsense through different transactions, as every script start
begins a new IBASE_DEFAULT transaction that is committed at the end of
the PHP script.

I can leave you with this simple Zen exercise, useful to understand
better the situation: what is recorn number N-1 when someone can insert
a record between N-1 and N when you are at record N and you want to
retrieve the record you have read before?

As a solution approach, I tend to read a filtered result set in an
in-memory PHP associative array, then manage to read data from there
through direct AJAX (not ajaxCall()). INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
management depends from application's type.