Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Reformatted
Author masotti
Hi Jay,

> Many thanks Mimmo, this is very informative, I didnt give javascript
> any consideration in helping us retain record info. One of my
> paranoid visions is not everyone will have javascript enabled on their
> browsers and will complain to web administrator, but today I don't
> think non-js script use is as prevalent as it used to be.
If you think at Chrome or FireFox 3.1, JS is a better implementation,
like a secure language as Java, so disabling it is a nonsense.
Anyway, for D4PHP apps, your browser must have JS enabled, specially if
you have qoxdoo components in the form.
> Also the select statement has been changed... Besides it obviously
> being different word wise, what differences does this invoke? Does
> this allow us to acquire one row at a time in a sequential manner?
Exactly, and the parameter after the keyword SKIP select which row to
keep. There is equivalent sintax ( FROM ? FOR 1) but see release notes
and examples.