Subject Re: The actual code.
Author dogrocket2003
> About the the second, I actually run d4php 2.0 and I like it because I
> managed to resolve some quirks.
> Anyway I preferred to don't use AdoDb but direct ibase_* functions
> through auto implemented AJAX for speed reasons.
> Ciao.
> Mimmo.

Not sure about it being a d4php problem, its just highlighting the

And I agree Mimmo, Delphi editor when u get it straightened out IMO is
a great IDE. It has the real delphi editors years of improvements and
best practices built in.

In regards to IBASE Functions, I was wondering If not you Mimmo, then
maybe I could ask another Ibase expert questions about simple ibase
usage and get some sample code like showing how to manipulate record
position in a dataset and do certain types of queries. I could
document it and put it on the delphi4php and this forum if its ok with
forum owners. I really think some good examples and maybe some
answers on its usage could really help novice ibase/firebird users,
like myself. The documentation that Ive found is little and hard to
understand. It might even lead more php'ers to try out firebird.