Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: ADODB D4PHP PROBLEMS
Author masotti
Hi all,

dogrocket2003 ha scritto:
> Im not sure if this is proper place to lookup current php version but
> I have a snapshot.txt file that says version 5.2.2 is this correct
> place to look? If so I guess I'm out of date!
> also says Build release T.S.
Phpinfo() in development mode specify PHP 5.2.2 in d4php 2.0, but don't
know if you can safely upgrade PHP in devel, but it worth a try
(warning: save your previous old PHP subdir!) VCL and PHP are
interconnected, so you must be ready to get original version.
You can test in deploy server with PHP 5.2.6 installed and see if this
Don't know if you can install only php-interbase 5.2.6 in 5.2.2 to test
in development (this seems a ugly hack, because probably it needs to be
rebuilt from sources in windows: not a solution).

AFAIR, blob problem are in 64-bit s.o. (Lester can confirm this): have
you tried in a 32 bit (virtual) machine?