Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP5.2.x problems with php_interbase
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> Alan - I'm not sure if the problem you hit is the same one - I
>> suspect it may
>> be, in which case $blob_id will be '0x %i'. Were you testing on
>> 5.2.2 or 3 ?
> both and also 5.1.4

I've been running 5.1.6 for a long time, with out a problem and other versions
before that so I have not had to dig too deep into HOW some things were working :)

It does look like you problem is a little different - I've never used PHP4, so
I have no code to work from, but ADOdb has a few indications that in PHP5 the
connection id is a 'required' so

$blob_id = ibase_blob_create( $db->dbh );
ibase_blob_add( $blob_id, $_POST['notes'] );
$blob_id_str = ibase_blob_close( $blob_id );
$contacterr = ibase_query( $db->dbh, "EXECUTE PROCEDURE

ibase_blob_info( $db->dbh, $blob_id );
should show that the blob exists.

That said - I'm not sure that I ever use it *IN* ADOdb ;)

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