Subject Re: How can I connect to a Firebird server on differnet port then 3050?
Author nicky6797
> I suspect that we are not at the 'php' stage at all here. It SOUNDS
as if you
> have a Firebird server configured for 3050. What have you changed to
set the
> server up for 34534?
> RemoteServiceName = gds_db will be used first, so if that was
present in the
> services file, 3050 will be used.
> RemoteServicePort = 34534 is only used if there is no gds_db entry
in the
> services file.

No, I'm sure the server listens on the port I set it up.

I think I found the problem. It is the client library gds32.dll .
It seems the PHP engine gets shiped with gds32.dll from Interbase.
Apparently Borland doesn't like Firebird that much. I changed the
gds32.dll that the PHP engine was using with the fbclient.dll (renamed
it) and added the msvcr71.dll because fbclient depends on it.

It is odd that PHP gets shiped with gds32.dll from Interbase rather
then fbclient.dll from Firebird. Firebird is so much more popular and
in the spirit of PHP. If there are more such problems like this one
then I think there are major issues with the PHP hosting services,
when it comes to PHP scripts connecting to Firebird server.

Can someone share some experiences in this area please. Are there any
major issues when connecting to Firebird server through PHP using the
gds32.dll from Interbase.

By the way nice info about the RemoteServiceName precedence, thanks.