Subject How can I connect to a Firebird server on differnet port then 3050?
Author nicky6797
Hi, all. This question may seem trivial to some of you.

How can I connect to a Firebird server which listens on a different
port than the default one 3050?

I tried everything. I'm customed to connect to such a server using
the database string for example: "\mybase.fdb"

but this doesn't work in php_ibase. Here is the code I use:


$db = '\mybase.fdb';
$dbuser = 'SYSDBA';
$dbpass = 'masterkey';
$res = ibase_connect($db,$dbuser,$dbpass) or die("<br>" . ibase_errmsg());


it returns

"Warning: ibase_connect(): Unable to complete network request to host
"". Failed to locate host machine. Undefined service 34534/tcp."

I added the line

"gds_db 34534/tcp"

in the
windows/system32/drivers/etc/services file I even added empty line at
the end and stil nothing.

What is strange to me is that when I removed "gds_db 3050/tcp" from
the services file and removed the part "/34534" from the $db variable
the connecting went just fine, it didn't gave me "Undefined service

Maybe I'm changing the wrong file. I really don't believe that somehow
php_ibase doesn't support connecting to a server which listens to a
different port, although I must admit searching the web for a few
hours gave no results. The word "port" doesn't even get mentioned on
the official support site for php_ibase not even in a single web page.

Help quick thanks in advance.