Subject RE: [firebird-php] FireBird/ADODB
Author Alan McDonald
> Alan McDonald wrote:
> >> I think we do need to be more pro-active in both the PHP driver
> >> development as
> >> well as ADOdb.
> > there's a lot of work, Lester - to make this xml stuff work properly.
> I think that was the conclusion that the bitweaver guy's came to
> - just USING
> it across multiple databases. So THEY decided to avoid it for any
> database :)
> While it is a 'standard' ( well actually on of those
> non-standards since it
> does not ACTUALLY standardise anything :) ) I still think it's
> being miss used
> in many places.
> --
> Lester Caine - G8HFL

it's not the XML, it's the ADOdb driver. It's just not up to it yet. e.g.
you need to be able to ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN - which FB doesn't support
(not default values and null flags) so you'd need to turn all that into some
pretty fine scripting to get the same result. There's probably tons of other
stuff. I can get DB creation no worries. But upgrading the application is
real nasty so far.