Subject Re: [firebird-php] FireBird/ADODB
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
> Lester,
> Maybe I should setup a repo for the ADOBDB Firebird drivers so we can
> collaborate on their dev before submitting to John?

Sorry Alan - I've been tide up with a disagreement with the rest of the
bitweaver team over 'what is content' :( So I've been somewhat distracted.

Simple explanation of my problem. All the images I use on the site I want to
upload to the image gallery, and the attach them to other content. fisheye
creates thumbnails and manages the raw data, something that currently I do
manually, but rather than a single content identifier (content_id) They now
have four - content_id, image_id, attachment_id and file_id. All I wanted to
do is switch to one, so that I know that 7=7=7=7 and then there only needs to
be one generator. But 'that is not the way it works' :(

It does on my copy now :)

I'm just testing kit for Tuesdays delivery having got Mondays packed so it
will be the end of the week now.

I think we do need to be more pro-active in both the PHP driver development as
well as ADOdb.

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