Subject Re: [firebird-php] FireBird/ADODB
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> Alan McDonald wrote:
>>> I finally got the firebriod datadict plugged in. The firebird subclass
>>> wasn't setting the providertype so it was always trying to load
>> the ibase
>>> datadict.

> Now I remember:
> This is the core function you relate:
> function &NewDataDictionary(&$conn,$drivername=false)
> {
> $false = false;
> if (!$drivername) $drivername =
> _adodb_getdriver($conn->dataProvider,$conn->databaseType);
> But this is the getdriver function:
> and you can see that it's expecting 'firebird15'
> I'd like to get rid of that requirement.

> case 'firebird15': $drivername = 'firebird'; break;

Now *I* am confused :(
I'm using the datadict with bitweaver and the driver setting is 'firebird',
but you are right, the early ibase stuff was Dialect 1, so I provided firebird
and firebird15 for 1 and 3 so I could simply switch.
It looks like even in bitweaver I'm not ACTUALLY using the firebird datadict,
but the generic one. I think the reason that it has not been a problem is that
all the tweaks where building the metadata area ACTUALLY in the driver rather
than the datadict module, and this explains why I could not get your early fix
working in my setup.

I need to run the whole of the bitweaver install checklist with this corrected
to see what the affect is, although I doubt that I will actually find a
problem since the generic stuff is working correctly anyway.......

Quick check ...
It *IS* using firebird datadict - I get BLOB's and BIGINT which only exist in !

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