Subject Re: [firebird-php] FireBird/ADODB
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> They are using 'AUTOINCREMENT' on every table which will probably be the
>> problem. On bitweaver the 'non' Firebird guys found out early on
>> that in order
>> to do the job properly they needed the VALUE of an Id before
>> populating the
>> record and so MOST auto fields have been stripped and generators
>> are simulated
>> where they are not available :) My datadict code correctly builds
>> a table and
>> creates a generator and adds the trigger code when AUTO is used
>> in the non-XML
>> build process, but I doubt that is being picked up properly in
>> the XML one. It
>> would probably not take long to fix if I could only SEE the data :(
>> So much for leaving it till the weekend ;)
> there's a GenID function which looks like it should work.. are you saying it
> doesn't? or it's not called?

It's been a while since I played with this, but I debugged everything recently
getting the un-install/re-install working on bitweaver ( you can change
packages and their tables one at a time which was the major reason for the
split - tikiwiki still needs a full reinstall to change anything :( )

GedID just creates an isolated generator or sequence 'simulation'

_Triggers in CreateTableSQL should create a linked generator and trigger, but
I had to cheat to get it to work reliably.

In bw they use GedID and populate the field rather than using the trigger. So
they don't use AUTO fields where they need to know the value and would have to
jump through the hoops of getting it back from the database ;)

This delay on messages is a pain :)

The PROPER way of fixing reserved words is to change them! Initially I had the
same problem on resistance, but TIME is one reserved word that should never be
used in SQL so it is worth pressing to get them changed.

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