Subject RE: [firebird-php] FireBird/ADODB
Author Alan McDonald
> Alan McDonald wrote:
> > ahh great - that's what I needed.
> > I may be able to convince the developers to accept these mods
> so I can keep
> > going with their development.
they've made that change in the source already.

> Firebird and Oracle both tend to need to same mods so as soon as
> we sorted
> that out with bitweaver then people were happy even to take on
> board the field
> name changes to eliminate reserved words.

and ADODB plugs into Oracle too?

> How far have you gone - do you need help getting the datadict
> stuff working as
> the xml ADOdb bit working for Firebird would be nice to put to bed.

Agreed. I like Flyspray - it's not pretentious yet :-) and does exactly the
job it (I) need it to do.
I didn't get time today. I think I'll need some headspace and I'm flat out
this week and some of next. After that I shall look very closely at it.

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