Subject Re: [firebird-php] FireBird/ADODB
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
> Lester,
> ADODB.... if a PHP app is written to use ADODB, is it anywhere close to
> having the ability to move over to FB? or is there still so much to do with
> SQL text that it's not worth the attempt?
> I'm looking at Flyspray.
> It uses ADODB and it might be really neat if there's not TOOOOO much work to
> switch it over to FB.

It does not look too bad.
I've sent an initial attempt privately
Notes from that
> I've added the missing drivers from my own version of ADOdb, but I think the datadict is still using the ibase one rather than the firebird.
> Need to create an empty database outside of the application ( bitweaver accesses isql and creates one if I need it ;) )
> I think that once the tables are build, it will work without much trouble.

Basically there will probably be the odd name conflict, but a quick scan shows
not problems. Just need the get the datadict working to actually build the
tables - or manually build them with a script and skip that bit of the
installer ( that is the usual bodge to get things going - and since flyspray
is using the xml option for the datadict, this may be the fastest option -
just let us have a blank database if you manage to build one :) )

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