Subject PHP5 with Firebird2 on Suse Linux Installation error
Author wolfgang.disch
Hey you firebird guys out there, how do you get your db connected to

I'm trying to install PHP5.2.2 with Firebird 2 on Linux OpenSuse 10.1
Apache2 works- with PHP
PHP5 works, but without Interbase/Firebird driver
Firebird2 works

I tried PDO - but I could not find out how to do exactly. I read the
status is experimental - not good for a workhorse server.

I tried pear MDB2, but got the message:
- pear/MDB2_Driver_ibase requires PHP extension "interbase"

I tried to config PHP with option --with-interbase=/opt/firebird,

but got the error that isc_detach_database could not be found in the
libraries etc...

what the hack am I doing wrong ?

Help very appriciated