Subject Re: [firebird-php] Ukrainian / English question
Author Lester Caine
Didier Gasser-Morlay wrote:
> Hello,
> I am asked by a potential customer to let him know if I could have one
> of my applications allowing Data entry in English AND Ukrainian.
> I have'n'got a clue on how to achieve this but after some initial
> investigations, I believe I should have my DB converted to UTF-8 and
> my HTML pages announcing the fact that the page is UTF-8
> I am currently using Firebird 1.5, are there any caveats ?, would I
> be better off upgrading to firebird 2.0 ?
> could the group point me to some reading regarding this somewhat new
> territory for me ?
> Are there any things I should be very aware of ? My all application is
> written using ISO-8859-1, what do I need to do to convert it to UTF 8 ?
> Any pointer to get me started will be greatly appreciated

While FB2 has much better UTF support, the problem is probably PHP. We need
PHP6 before THAT will offer good support for UTF. That said - with a little
care, you can probably manage two languages without too much trouble. It's
when you start hitting the multi byte character stuff that the real problems

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