Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: cakephp, adodb and firebird
Author Dan Wilson
On 3/26/2007 at 7:46 AM myles@... wrote:

> >OK, I am close to giving up on the adodb driver.
> Out of interest, what is the problem with this? The reason why I ask is
> that we are about to install an open source CRM application that
> supposedly
> works fine with ADODB and I have the choice to use Firebird (my
> preference)
> or MySQL. I know from developing Firebird applications that this would
> suggest the application won't take advantage of Stored Procedures,
> Triggers,
> etc. which may be a performance issue for us. But even before I go down
> that
> path, I'm curious as to why ADODB isn't working for you with Firebird?
> Myles

The problem isn't with ADODB directly, but with the ADODB driver support in CakePHP. There are some bugs that prevent basic table accesses. I haven't given up all hope of them resolving it - I debugged it to the point that I could show the CakePHP developers where it failed and why, but I couldn't understand the intent of the code well enough to figure out how to fix it. In the meantime, I have switched my development over to mysql just so I can move forward while I await a fix (hopefully).

As far as stored procedures and triggers, why couldn't they be used? I set up a select stored procedure in firebird for this application I am doing, and see no reason why it wouldn't execute, since to the application it just looks like another select statement. I guess non-select-type stored procedures could be a problem, though? As to triggers, aren't they pretty much invisible to the application?

I had been away from PHP for about a year or so, and had forgotten about the complete lack of support for 64-bit integers. I generally try to make my primary keys 64-bit integers, since the generator facility in firebird already gives you 64-bits, and find once again that I don't have that option in PHP. Arggh. It seems the only alternative (aside from sticking with 32-bits) would be to modify the driver level to convert all 64-bit integers to strings, and deal with them only as strings inside PHP?

Anyway, I don't know of any reason that you can't use ADODB, unless you are trying to connect to it using Cake (for now).