Subject RE: [firebird-php] Re: What approach are people using? ORM for FB
Author Alan McDonald
> > part of you workorder class in PHP is an object called
> JobWorkers. It's an
> > array of type Workers. So you can have nil or many objects of workers in
> > every Workorders class. You Workers class has a parameter
> which, when set,
> > pupolates the workers class with workers of a particular type, i.e. of a
> > particular workorder. Is that something like what you need?
> That's exactly what I need. I completely forgot to consider arrays as
> properties. I think in this case that there are 3 key 'repeating' values
> that come back from the database for this (Worker ID, Worker Name, and
> Worker Rate), so would you think it would be best to have one
> array property
> to the Job Class for JobWorker, but have that array contain 3 arrays for
> these values?
> Am I thinking TOO database here, and not enough Object/Class?
> Myles

keep it simple, the array I was suggesting was an array of the class object
you already have (i.e. the Workers class). It will then have all the
contents of your workers objects for that workorder.