Subject Re: What approach are people using? ORM for FB
Author Myles Wakeham
> part of you workorder class in PHP is an object called JobWorkers. It's an
> array of type Workers. So you can have nil or many objects of workers in
> every Workorders class. You Workers class has a parameter which, when set,
> pupolates the workers class with workers of a particular type, i.e. of a
> particular workorder. Is that something like what you need?

That's exactly what I need. I completely forgot to consider arrays as
properties. I think in this case that there are 3 key 'repeating' values
that come back from the database for this (Worker ID, Worker Name, and
Worker Rate), so would you think it would be best to have one array property
to the Job Class for JobWorker, but have that array contain 3 arrays for
these values?

Am I thinking TOO database here, and not enough Object/Class?


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