Subject RE: [firebird-php] New high volume web site built entirely on Firebird 1.5
Author Rick Debay
This is all intended as constructive feedback, I'm not trying to
denigrate your site.

This is a good tool to check how well your site can be cached by
browsers and proxies. It looks like you're forcing a reload of your
page every time, your may want to reconsider that. Also, your Apache
web server is not set to serve compressed content, you could save
bandwidth by compressing the HTML before serving it.

There are some errors in your HTML:

You may want to address accessibility issues in your next release,
handicapped people like music too :-)

1.1 Provide alternative text for all images.
1.1 Provide alternative content for each OBJECT.
3.4 Use relative sizing and positioning, rather than absolute.
9.3 Make sure event handlers do not require use of a mouse.
12.4 Explicitly associate form controls and their labels with the
LABEL element
13.1 Create link phrases that make sense when read out of context.
4.3 Identify the language of the text.
5.5 Provide a summary for tables.
10.4 Include default, place-holding characters in edit boxes and text
10.5 Separate adjacent links with more than whitespace.

One item that seems trivial is missing ALT text for trivial graphics.
In this case the alt content should be empty (alt="") because if it's
missing accessibility tools then try to figure out what it should be,
and usually use the name of the graphic. With the Lynx browser you
would see useless text such as "arrow_red.gif".

Absolute positioning is going to hurt when viewed in a browser you
haven't tested with (like on a PDA, for example).

An awesome service for comparing browsers is . You can load your site in
dozens of different browsers on six different operating systems at
different resolutions, and view screen captures.

Good luck!

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Subject: [firebird-php] New high volume web site built entirely on
Firebird 1.5

We are about to announce the production version of, a new
Podcast and audio hosting site built in conjunction with the recording
company Alesis LLC. This site was built by Tech Solutions USA, Inc. and
has been built in PHP5, running on Fedora Linux Core 5 with Firebird 1.5
SQL on the backend.

The site is a high volume site for general consumer access and hosts a
huge amount of audio media content (not stored in Firebird, but indexed
in FB).
This site and its corresponding Alesis Podcasting Kit product which is
about to be released, is supposed to be appearing on the front cover of
EQ magazine next month, but I wanted to give the Firebird community a
sneak peak at it first since much of its success goes to the ease of
building websites in PHP5 with Firebird on the backend.

Go Firebird!

The site can be accessed at:


Myles Wakeham
Director of Engineering
Tech Solutions US, Inc.
Scottsdale, Arizona USA
Phone (480) 451-7440