Subject Re: [firebird-php] New high volume web site built entirely on Firebird 1.5
Author Fabio Gomes
Nice, i ve been working with php and firebird for something now.. and guess
what.. i dont even remember that mysql exists :)

go go firebird!

On 8/4/06, myles@... <myles@...> wrote:
> We are about to announce the production version of, a new
> Podcast and audio hosting site built in conjunction with the recording
> company Alesis LLC. This site was built by Tech Solutions USA, Inc. and
> has
> been built in PHP5, running on Fedora Linux Core 5 with Firebird 1.5 SQL
> on
> the backend.
> The site is a high volume site for general consumer access and hosts a
> huge
> amount of audio media content (not stored in Firebird, but indexed in FB).
> This site and its corresponding Alesis Podcasting Kit product which is
> about
> to be released, is supposed to be appearing on the front cover of EQ
> magazine next month, but I wanted to give the Firebird community a sneak
> peak at it first since much of its success goes to the ease of building
> websites in PHP5 with Firebird on the backend.
> Go Firebird!
> The site can be accessed at:
> Enjoy.
> ============================
> Myles Wakeham
> Director of Engineering
> Tech Solutions US, Inc.
> Scottsdale, Arizona USA
> Phone (480) 451-7440

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