Subject Re: close ibase_pconnect() is possible?
Author Milan Babuskov
Lester Caine wrote:
> Of cause in that situation you need to block activity on the database
> until you have finished. My usual approach is just to 'close' the site
> (switch to maintenance message) and restart Apache.

I have many applications running and using different databases. While
one db is updated, others should be able to keep running. I solved it
by creating a dummy lock file. Each page in my web apps has a line:


Which in turn uses file_exists() to check if lock file is there. If it
is, it locks the users out until database is updated.

> I would still maintain that structural changes should be made on a copy
> of the data and that live data would be pumped in when you are happy,
> but I'm not enforcing that rule as strongly as I used to :)

And it's error prone with generators and all that stuff ;)

Milan Babuskov