Subject Re: [firebird-php] close ibase_pconnect() is possible?
Author Lester Caine
Jiri Cincura wrote:

> On 18.7.2006 17:41 Milan Babuskov wrote:
> > Jiri Cincura wrote:
> >> Why you want to close it?
> >
> > Add a foreign key to the table?
> Yes, it makes sense. I was thinking only about selects, etc.

Of cause in that situation you need to block activity on the database
until you have finished. My usual approach is just to 'close' the site
(switch to maintenance message) and restart Apache. Of cause I needed to
switch the maintenance message to something that did not look at the
database ;)

I would still maintain that structural changes should be made on a copy
of the data and that live data would be pumped in when you are happy,
but I'm not enforcing that rule as strongly as I used to :)

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