Subject Re: [firebird-php] Digest Number 430
Author Myles Wakeham
> is there any (good) PHP&Firebird based forum? I've found some, but seems
> be not active.

Whatever you end up with just be sure that its secured. Bulletin Boards
like vBulletin & phpBB are significant hacker targets. I've had both on
servers here, and both have been hacked. The problem with converting one
for Firebird will be that as security vulnerabilities are found in the major
ones, and patches released, its going to be harder to keep the patches going
since they all come out for mySQL first.

I'd serious look at the business case for converting any mainstream forum
program to Firebird because of the risks of unattended security holes and
not being able to get the latest patches as they are released.

Of course if you end up using a lesser known forum product with Firebird
support (native), these problems all go away. Its just that vBulletin &
phpBB both have major 'kick me' signs on their backs for hackers due to
their popularity.

I heard an interesting quote the other day. One of the engineers at a data
center we work with said, "If you install phpBB you are already being
hacked, or about to any minute".


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