Subject RE: Fedora Core 5, Apache2 & PHP5 support for Firebird?
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 02-May-2006 20:54:41, wrote:
> You haven't compiled php with sapi/apxs.

Yep, I worked that out. Unfortunately by the time I did, I realized I
pretty much butchered my installation, so I decided to re-install Fedora
from the install CDs and start again.

> You should be able to simply install binaries for Apache/PHP/Firebird
> anyway.
> It's been years since I've installed this on Linux, but surely
> or one of the other package management systems has binary releases for
> FC5...

I wish that was the case. With RH9 I was able to do that. Everything
pretty much was done. But with Fedora Core 5, the default installation of
Apache2 and PHP5 doesn't even include MySQL. You have to specify this, and
then recompile PHP5 to support it. It's the same with Interbase/Firebird
support from what I can gather. If someone had a RPM for this, I'd be all
over it. But I've searched and searched, and keep getting told that I have
to do this myself.

What is strange to me, and maybe I'm missing something, but the default
folder structure for Apache2, based on information from the and
Apache websites, just don't match the file locations that Fedora have
installed the files. The docs on the 'net for PHP & Apache refer to a
folder in /usr/local/apache2.... Whereas Fedora has this stuff in
/etc/httpd/... So when I do the default MAKE INSTALL its putting it where
it thinks it should go, but its not right. And when I simply move the file to where I think it should go, it won't accept it (giving
the error I previously stated).

If you know of a place I can get these installs from, I'm all ears. Or a
suggestion for what I have to do (and forgive me because I'm no Linux guru
here, so you may have to spell it out), I'd be very appreciative for any


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