Subject Re: ibase_trans
Author tornellas
Hi Lester and all,

> All on the same machine?
PHP + Firebird on the same one

> Which version of PHP?

PHP Version 4.3.8

( 5 is slower than 4 but has better Firebird driver )
I didn't know that. Pehaps because OOP's implementation.

> What version of Windows?

Windows NT

> Do you need to use IIS, I've never bothered with it, Apache2 on
windows works fine for me.

No, I didn't T prefer Apache too, but I can't change that.

> Are all the Windows 'adjustments' in place ( using .fdb for database
> extension )

It's .fdb

> I use my own ibase_trans after opening the connection, so I know what
> settings are being used. I'm not convinced on the 'default' transaction
> and it has helped with a couple of niggles, but nothing speed related,
> more to do with multiple people updating the same record.

Basicly are few users updating the same record, they are insert new
and select record. It's rare that tow or more user to Update the same

> Looking at task manager, which process is busiest when the system is
The server is in other build, it's hard to see that.

> Lester Caine - G8HFL


Thiago Ornellas