Subject Re: [firebird-php] ibase_trans
Author Lester Caine
tornellas wrote:

> Hi People,
> This is my first participation here. So, excuse my poor English
> because I'm Brazilian and write and speak perfectly only in Portuguese. :)
> So, let's to the problem:
> Sometimes, when I get many connections (between 100 and 300), the
> server (php+iis+firebird 1.5.2) stays slow, very slow. The Server has
> 1GB RAM memory.
All on the same machine?
( With that volume, I'd be thinking of a separate machine for the database )
Which version of PHP?
( 5 is slower than 4 but has better Firebird driver )
What version of Windows? Do you need to use IIS, I've never bothered
with it, Apache2 on windows works fine for me.
Are all the Windows 'adjustments' in place ( using .fdb for database
extension )

> I know when I open connection the FB starts a transaction. That can
> cause the slowness in my server? (If I compare with DELPHI, it's
> strongly recomended to Start a transaction)
> It's always necessary to start a transaction with ibase_trans?
I use my own ibase_trans after opening the connection, so I know what
settings are being used. I'm not convinced on the 'default' transaction
and it has helped with a couple of niggles, but nothing speed related,
more to do with multiple people updating the same record.

Looking at task manager, which process is busiest when the system is slow?

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