Subject RE: [firebird-php] ibase_trans
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi People,
> This is my first participation here. So, excuse my poor English
> because I'm Brazilian and write and speak perfectly only in Portuguese. :)
> So, let's to the problem:
> Sometimes, when I get many connections (between 100 and 300), the
> server (php+iis+firebird 1.5.2) stays slow, very slow. The Server has
> 1GB RAM memory.
> I know when I open connection the FB starts a transaction. That can
> cause the slowness in my server? (If I compare with DELPHI, it's
> strongly recomended to Start a transaction)
> It's always necessary to start a transaction with ibase_trans?
> Thiago Ornellas

no - every php page will start an implicit transaction when you open a
explicit transactions are only really required when you wnat finer grain
control. or if you want to rollback - since the implicit trans will always
commit unless there's a script error ont he page, in which case the trans
will rollback.
are you using connect or pconnect out of interest?
with this etup your transactions are always very short and suite. I would
not think that transactions are in any way connected to your experience of