Subject Firebird/PHP/Linux Question
Author Myles Wakeham
I'm in the process of evaluating platforms for deploying a large scale PHP4
application with FB 1.5, and I'm tempted to install this on Linux rather
than Windows. This is a colocated solution that I believe would be easier
to manage on Linux.

With that said, I'm no Linux expert. I have installed and managed UNIX
systems before, and have a small Linux system installed at my home. But
this will be on a commercial grade server that I have to build and ship to
my colocation facility for production deployment. I know that I won't
really see much of a difference with PHP applications, and my main
development environment for this is Zend and Dreamweaver. So I'll do all my
development as normal on Windows, and simply ship up the files to the Linux

But what I'm looking for are some tips as to where the best Linux discussion
groups are for Linux server security, management, maintenance, etc. Also
any tips for FB on Linux (although I have installed that before without any
major issues), and what the best distros would be for PHP & FB on Linux.
I'm leaning towards Fedora Core 5, but I'm not sure if this application
would benefit from RedHat Enterprise or not.

Anyone care to suggest some good reference sites, books, etc. so that I can
research this deployment?

Thanks in advance.


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