Subject php 5 and ibase_field_info
Author Darren
i have the following piece of code

while ($R = ibase_fetch_row($Q, IBASE_UNIXTIME)) {
for($x=0; $x<$maxX; $x++) {
$colInfo = ibase_field_info($Q, $x);
if (($colInfo['type'] == 'VARYING') || ($colInfo['type'] == 'TEXT'))
$result[$y][$x] = $R[$x];
$result[$y][$x] = $R[$x] + 0;
return $result;

on php 4.4 it works it returns the string value
but on php 5 it returns 0 if it is a string.
what has changed i am assuming its a php thing and not firebird i am
running firebird 1.5 anyone know?