Subject Re: [firebird-php] Add Firebird to Dreamweaver?
Author Lester Caine
Tiago Mikhael Pastorello Freire wrote:

> Actually, I don't bother with Dreamweaver anymore. I am using kdevelop right
> now (hint). if I were to use a more advanced editor dedicated to HTML, I
> think I'd use Quanta (Linux, KDE, do you notice a trend?).
> I don't claim they are the best, just they are the best for my needs and
> tastes. YMMV.
> If you're really into Windows and can't part from it, at least separate PHP
> from (DHT|X)ML. Use smarty and separate code from display.
> Smarty is *the* template engine for PHP.

We can agree on that one all the bitweaver output is via smarty, and add
ADOdb for cross database support and you have a nice framework.

But the nice thing about Eclipse - is that it runs identically on the
Windows and Linux machines ;) So no having to remember what controls you
need today - they are all the same ;)

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