Subject Re: [firebird-php] Add Firebird to Dreamweaver?
Author Tiago Mikhael Pastorello Freire
On Monday 13 February 2006 13:49, Lester Caine wrote:
> myles@... wrote:
> > Does anyone know a simple way to add Firebird support into Dreamweaver?
> > I would like to use things like RecordSets in Dreamweaver, but the PHP
> > database support is only for MySQL. There must be a way to get it to
> > support PHP/Firebird?
> One would think so, but I could not be bothered to find out ;)
> There are a number of development packages that only support MySQL, but
> personally I've used Eclipse/PHPEclipse for some time now and can't be
> bothered to play with anything else :)

Actually, I don't bother with Dreamweaver anymore. I am using kdevelop right
now (hint). if I were to use a more advanced editor dedicated to HTML, I
think I'd use Quanta (Linux, KDE, do you notice a trend?).
I don't claim they are the best, just they are the best for my needs and
tastes. YMMV.
If you're really into Windows and can't part from it, at least separate PHP
from (DHT|X)ML. Use smarty and separate code from display.
Smarty is *the* template engine for PHP.

Tiago Freire