Subject Problem creating tables
Author sc_odo
Hello all,
I have a problem creating tables from a php script. I'm using FB SS
1.5.3 on Suse 9.1.
The script should create a database with around 30 tables. To do that
I use ADODB datadict. In case something goes wrong, the database
should be deleted.
Creation of the database works fine. The creation of the tables fails.
It just creates around 5 tables but the script returns success code on
the creation of all tables. After the creation of the tables some
grants and some data should be inserted, and this fails. Because of
this failure the script now should drop the database, which doesn't
work any more, isql returns -901 -object <database> is in use. This
even remains after minutes or hours of waiting. The only way to get
dropping to work is restarting the firebird server. There are no other
clients connected to the server.
It seems that the server is still caught in the process of creating
the tables.

Any ideas where the problem could come from?

Best regards