Subject Re: [firebird-php] Nigel's Ajax demo
Author Lester Caine
Nigel Weeks wrote:
>>Interesting niggle - click again and it displays properly
>>Seems to be something that 'alternates' Nigel. I did some
>>fast clicking
>>round and managed to crash Firebird :( but that was probably
>>PHP which
>>is not 100% if you keep interrupting it.
>>I've seen the error - only on JOB and ER but only very intermittently!
> I now trim all tablenames before they get put into queries, just in case
> it's causing hassles with tables that have been created with "" around the
> name.
> I'll send you through an update off-list.
I'll remember to change the paths and password :)

> As for crashing Firebird - well done! You run Apache 2, don't you?
> I use Apache 1.3.29 and Firebird CS - no threads to be seen
> anywhere...thusly no crashes either.
When I started this Apache1 was not recommended for Windows :)
So I went straight to Apache2, but it's like PHP4 and 5 - they may as
well be different products because many people seem to think that PHP4
should continue to be developed - and are doing so with the result that
back porting applications is being a pain :(
I run PHP5 - I don't expect my code to work on PHP4 so don't complain
when it will not ;) - except bitweaver has to work on PHP4 as well
despite the kludges that could be stripped if it was PHP5 only :(

> If I get time, I'll put together a box with Apache 2, PHP, and Firebird SS,
> and see if I can bust it.
Another religious war - the same crowd that complain that people are not
switching to PHP5 *ALSO* complain that Apache2 is no good. Perhaps if
they actually got round to fixing the faults in PHP5 so that it would
run threaded ....

I can live with Apache2/PHP5 and Firebird and they run as a package on
Linux or Windows without any changes. I can crash them, but I've never
got to a state where a restart did not simply pick up, unlike MySQL and
(I understand in the past) Postgres ;)

Lester Caine
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